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How the Nonprofit Human Services Sector Impacts Tallahassee and Leon County

2015 Impact Report UPHSIn addition to attracting millions of dollars of State and Federal funds into the community that are in turn spent on supplies and services to operate their organizations, nonprofit organizations are collectively a significant employer of people who spend their payroll dollars on goods and services in the community. Historically, there has been a substantial lack of recognition of nonprofits as an economic driver.

A lack of research regarding the impact of the nonprofit sector, coupled with the traditional view of the organizations as charity-driven, means that the organizations are rarely given credit for the impact they have on our local economy and they are rarely included in discussions about the economic health of our community. In the current climate of stronger conversations about ways to diversify economic development opportunities through the creation of new and creative strategies, we believe that it is essential that Tallahassee/Leon County have a better understanding of the economic contributions made by the nonprofit organizations.

This report provides completely new understanding and dialogue about the contributions that nonprofits make to the local economy. We believe this dialogue will have a transformational impact on the way that the agencies themselves view their services as well as how our government and private donors view their contributions.

Download the Essential Services and Responsible Stewardship report.

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