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UPHS: 19th Annual Conference on Excellence in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

April 9, 2018, by Amber R. Tynan

United Partners for Human Services (UPHS) is excited to present its 19th Annual Conference on May 9th at Tallahassee Community College.

The importance of this conference is to provide a high-quality professional development experience for nonprofit professionals who are passionate about improving the quality of life for our neighbors in the Big Bend. Whether you’re a future leader or a seasoned Executive Director, the UPHS conference will introduce innovative practices and tools to help you and your organization succeed today and thrive in the future.

Nonprofit agencies in Leon County employ approximately 14, 000 people which makes up over 10% of the overall workforce available in our area. UPHS is a committed to helping human services nonprofits increase their operational capacity, especially with the many challenges they increasingly face by way of recruiting, retaining and developing a strong and stable workforce. When these challenges are overcome, our human services sector is able to carry out their missions more efficiently to meet the growing needs of our community.

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Fourth Annual Thunderdome Tallahassee Awards Issued to Volunteer Lawyers on 50th Anniversary

April 3, 2018, by Amber R. Tynan

On Thursday, March 29, 2018, the Legal Aid Foundation of Tallahassee (LAF) celebrated its 50th anniversary by announcing the winners of the fourth annual Thunderdome Tallahassee awards to over 200 distinguished guests gathered at the FSU Alumni Center. The awards recognize an outstanding participant and mentor of Thunderdome Tallahassee Class 4. Launched in September 2014, Thunderdome Tallahassee addresses a desperate need for equal access to justice by providing family law training, mentorship, leadership development and recognition to volunteer lawyers serving families and children.

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TFLA Seeking Non-Profit Business Partners

The Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy (TFLA), Tallahassee’s national award-winning youth leadership program, is looking to recruit non-profit business partners for the summer of 2018.

This year, in addition to our pre-existing partnerships within the private sector, we are seeking to introduce non-profit partners. We are seeking partner who will employ program participants for a minimum of 20 hours per week in a paid position. These partners will have the opportunity to be reimbursed for the youth they sponsor by the City of Tallahassee and other program donors.

Youth employment through TFLA will begin on Monday, June 18, 2018 and conclude Friday, July 27, 2018.

Other ways to support a youth in the program this summer include:

  • Sponsor a meal for the youth participants during the 2-week training period (6/4/2018 – 6/15/2018)
  • Donate to the TFLA program to help provide workshop supplies and food
  • Engage potential sponsors to help support a youth for your organization

If your organization is interested in employing a youth this summer please contact Dr. Willie Williams for more information, at 850-891-8134 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here.

We look forward to working together to make sure the Tallahassee youth of today have all they need to be the leaders of the future!

Let's Secure Dedicated Funding for Children's Services in Leon County!

As you know, many counties in Florida currently have Children's Services Councils which provide dedicated funding for a broad array of children's programs. Leon County does not currently have one, however, the Leon County Commission is considering whether or not to put a question on the 2018 general election ballot which would allow voters to authorize the creation of a Children's Services Council (CSC).

If enacted, a CSC could generate nearly $8 million a year for children's programs in our community.

Please find a fact sheet about CSCs, their impact and the need in Leon County here. Also, here is an agenda item on the issue prepared by Leon County staff (pg. 433-680).

At this point, we are encouraging nonprofit agencies interested in this issue to:

  1. Educate their boards of directors and encourage them to formally endorse the CSC initiative.
  2. Identify a board member to attend the Leon County Commission's April 10 meeting and speak in support of the CSC during the public hearing period. (Note: Please send the name & email address of your organization's speaker to Whole Child Leon's Courtney Atkins at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

To move this issue forward, we are urging nonprofits to empower their strongest private sector champions to advocate. This is about the future of our community, and now is the time to activate those strong community relationships you've built in support of our county's kids!

If you have any questions, please contact INIE Executive Director Jessica Lowe-Minor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (850) 228-3646.

Every Day Hero Dedicated to Serving Seniors

March 20, 2018, by Amber R. Tynan, Executive Director, United Partners for Human Services

For Ed Gines, Senior Solutions Specialist at Elder Care Services, no two days look alike. And after meeting our soon to be client, Mr. Rollins, this couldn’t have rung more true. Their meeting set off a several-month-long journey that included the efforts of the entire community.

Late last September, Mr. Rollins was living out of his van in an area state park with his best canine friend Daisy. He was in need of hospitalization and surgery that required a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation facility, but he wouldn’t enter the facility without assurances from Ed that Daisy would be well cared for.

As one of the area’s most compassionate advocates for seniors in need, Ed didn’t hesitate to offer to care for Daisy at his own home while Mr. Rollins convalesced. Unfortunately, Daisy didn’t socialize well with Ed’s other four-legged residents. A number of frantic hand-offs among other Elder Care Case Managers ensued. None were successful. With no other options, Ed sent an SOS to the Leon County Humane Society. The staff graciously offered to help by providing care during the week and arranging for Wagland Kennel owners Jeff and Patty Wagner to provide free boarding and care on the weekends. They even convinced Melissa Peterson to donate several private behavioral training sessions to help Daisy with her socialization.

As December arrived, the weather began turning colder and Mr. Rollins was able to get around again. Daily visits to the Humane Society became his number one priority. Daisy would immediately begin barking with excitement as she heard his van pull up to the building which would soon be closed for the fast approaching holidays. Wagland Kennel was also booked solid, creating another problem for Ed to solve. With help from Elder Care’s United Way grant, a case of Mom’s meals and dog food was purchased and extended stay housing was arranged so Daisy and Mr. Rollins could be housed and fed through the end of the year. These accommodations were necessary because soon both of them would both be moving into their permanent spot – the Dwellings complex on Highway 20 and Capital Circle NW. Builders were putting the finishing touches on Mr. Rollins very own tiny house, which was completed by the first of the year.

Stories like Mr. Rollins’ play out every day in our office. At the heart of our mission is a desire to care for seniors in a way that honors their dignity and improves their quality of life. This can only be accomplished by spending time with them and learning what makes them happy and what they cherish most. From those personal conversations, we create individualized care plans that support their needs and bring them joy. This is what compassionate, community-based care looks like in action.

Elder Care Services, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation, dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors in Leon and the surrounding counties, allowing them to remain at home with dignity. For more information, visit them at www.eldercarebigbend.org and follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eldercaretally to learn more their services.

Originally posted to the Tallahassee.com Community Blogs

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