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Human Services Need Outpaces Available Funding
We have the honor of working closely with our community’s human services nonprofit sector to see the collective impact they each provide. 

We understand the intricacies of their business models, their performance measures and outcomes and most importantly those they serve through the programs they provide. 

What’s telling though is the capacity of these human service nonprofits compared to the expectations placed on them to meet certain outcomes without the adequate funding to do so effectively.

So why does this happen?

Our community has a growing identity crisis when it comes to its perceptions of the nonprofit sector, particularly human service organizations leading to the creation of unnecessary limitations in which they are required to operate. 

Somewhere along the way, our society has adopted a mindset that implies the nonprofit and for-profit sectors are different, therefore the associated costs to deliver such services should be different. Couple this with an increased demand for nonprofit services as well as waning support at almost every level and we have a society that forces the human services sector to continuously change under growing pressure.

Here is what we need our community to understand…

Our human services infrastructure is strained by increasing poverty.

Our community’s human services infrastructure is straining under the weight of trying to help rapidly increasing numbers of families overcome or alleviate the devastating effects of poverty.

UPHS members provide essential services that are critical in addressing the needs of so many of our neighbors.

We are fortunate to have numerous human service nonprofits in our community that are recognized for their effectiveness, innovation and ability to leverage millions of state, federal and private dollars.

However, please hear us when we tell you very clearly that our current resources are not meeting the community’s need, and in fact we are falling behind.

At the same time that federal and state funding has been waning, local investments have not kept pace.

Human services are a vital link to creating a safe and sustainable community.

We ask you to put our people first by recognizing that human services are a vital link in creating a sustainable community and reducing costlier interventions and should be ranked as a critical priority on par with public safety and transportation.

UPHS is committed to partnering with community leaders, residents and organizations to invest in the talent and creativity of our residents and support them in reaching their potential.

We are also dedicated to focusing compassion and services on our most vulnerable residents to ensure that their basic needs are met.

We ask you to put our people first as you determine how to best utilize your resources.

Support of effective organizations and collaborations produces economic benefits for everyone.

We ask you to support human service nonprofits that demonstrate effectiveness and quality of service.

The economic strength of Tallahassee and health of its residents depends on an effective, accountable and proactive human service nonprofit sector.

UPHS is committed to advancing public confidence and support for the nonprofit sector by exemplifying the ethical practices, accountability and the highest standards of quality service you all provide.

We will ask our community to support us in building the capacity of your organizations while adhering to the highest standards.


Allow us to introduce you to one of the many faces of human services: Amma Ochun.

As a teenager she fell in love with the violin, but she got pregnant, then abused and abandoned, homeless with children. Then, Amma Ochun found hope. Along with our partners, we help people like Amma find their rhythm. Changing lives is what we do, and people like Amma are why we do it. The United Partners for Human Services: Giving Hope a Home.
Stay tuned here for more featured PSAs showcasing the power behind the work of our UPHS Members.
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