Who We Are


A collective voice empowering human service organizations through advocacy, engagement, and education while positioning each member organization to perform and serve at its highest capacity.


An integrated human services landscape that supports the community to achieve greatness.


Collaboration | Integrity | Accountability | Impactful | Respect | Diversity | Excellence


A compass rose symbolizes direction, discovery, and guidance. As a capacity building organization, UPHS has become a beacon for the human services sector in being a guide in how to become a highly effective organization. The actual word "compass" comes from the Latin words: “com” meaning “together” and “passus” meaning “pace or step”, which epitomizes the role UPHS plays when supporting members “step together or to journey together.” 

This depth of symbolism pairs nicely with our tagline of “The Power of the Collective,” reenforcing that we cannot do this work alone, and holistically represents the coordination and collaboration that happens among our members and sector to best serve our neighbors in need.

Our Purpose


We offer opportunities to discuss important issues facing human service organizations and the growing demand for services.


We are rapidly expanding with a membership base consisting of 170+ human service organizations, associations, and businesses.
           2023-2025 UPHS Strategic Plan         


UPHS is committed to providing a unified voice for human service sector of Tallahassee-Leon County. 

2022-2023 Accomplishments

2477 Tim Gamble Place, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32308-4386
(850) 518-6092
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